Marketing in 2022: People power vs AI vs Hybrid

AI robot doing too much

To keep up with the increasingly rapid behaviours and changes of the internet, many businesses and firms have taken to implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their digital marketing strategies.

Known for their data-scanning abilities, these systems and processes can streamline the target marketing and data collection phases to develop more precise marketing systems.

However, while it seems that AI is a one-size-fits-all solution to any problem in the digital world, without human intelligence and creativity, these digitally manufactured strategies can ultimately fall flat and miss the mark.

So, what is the best system to implement when defining your digital marketing strategy? Keep reading to find out.

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The Power Of The People

Human intelligence never stops developing, and while humankind may not have the ability to sift through monumental volumes of binary and HTML code, it does have the ability to incorporate emotions and creativity into a campaign, something AI often struggles with. As such, where Artificial Intelligence can help your brand navigate its ideal customers and build powerful segmentation strategies, human creativity is detrimental to constructing campaigns that leave a meaningful, everlasting impact to stimulate purchases.

Similarly, human intelligence is derived from lived experiences rather than programmed ones. In a marketing sense, this allows firms and companies, to align more closely to the needs of their target audience and showcase exactly why their product is the solution to a current, past or future problem.

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The Work Of Artificial Intelligence

As mentioned earlier, artificial intelligence is a programmed piece of technology or collection of programs used to make a marketer’s life and processes more streamlined. In effect, it uses pre-existing business data to scan the market and discover potential marketing opportunities. This could include new targets, potential risks involved in working with specific segments and future trends likely to take off based on consumer spending habits. With this information and a constant eye on the market, Artificial Intelligence can scan consumer behaviours and send out personalised messages based on their stage of the decision-making process and their likelihood of committing to a purchase.

Through its myriad of programmed concepts and understandings, AI can automate many processes for marketers, such as sending abandoned cart emails, to expedite processes that would have once been manual and tedious.

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The Benefits Of Using Hybrid Systems

While there are some elements of the marketing process that human intelligence simply completes best, there are other elements that Artificial Intelligence will ultimately prevail in. Therefore, with the growing digital landscape and the constant implementation of new tools and systems, it would be impossible to have one without the other.

For example, even a business that doesn’t intentionally utilise new automated systems will still inherently have some installed within their current processes. This could be something as simple as using an email marketing platform that automatically sends emails to hundreds of subscribers, rather than doing each one by one.

In essence, to be placed at the front of the mind for consumers, it’s expected that digital marketers must implement a combination of AI’s ability to quickly process data and our power as humans to learn from experiences and develop long-term sustainable creatives.

At Let’s Play Digital, we are all about finding the most innovative and effective digital marketing strategies so your brand can grow and prosper amongst the clutter of advertising messages. From email marketing through to social media and SEO, we will stop at nothing to incorporate a balanced combination of AI and human intelligence, so your business can achieve exponential success.